Friday, May 10, 2019


Poster for Euphonia event - Bucharest International Poetry Festival 2019 /

by mugur grosu,2019

Dobrojazz #5

Visuals for International ethno-jazz festival DOBROJAZZ - 5th edition, 15-17 June 2018 - Tulcea. /

by mugur grosu, 2018

Polyfon / Polifonic

Poster for Polifonic event - Bucharest International Poetry Festival 2018 /

and for a special edition in Berlin, Polyfon

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Poster for Bucharest International Poetry Festival 2018 /

by mugur grosu,2018

Dobrojazz #4

Visuals for International ethno-jazz festival DOBROJAZZ - 4th edition, 23-25 June 2017 - Tulcea.

by mugur grosu, 2017

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

metaMorph - a dot that went for a walk

Poster for Bucharest International Poetry Festival 2017

Live performance: Christian Bök, LaTasha N. Nevada Diggs, Christian Foley, SJ Fowler, Mugur Grosu, Max Höfler, Maja Jantar, Claudiu Komartin, Tara Skurtu, Răzvan Țupa | Hosted by Claudiu Komartin | Curated by Simona Nastac 

“A line is a dot that went for a walk" (Paul Klee) and keeps on going, spiraling, morphing into texts and books, graphics and typography, maps and topography, drawings and moving images, collages/assemblages and objects, music and sound, a line made by walking, a picket line and lines of code.

Inspired by Paul Klee's quote, metaMorph points to the ongoing synthesis between media initiated by the concrete poetry movement that continues in other art forms today, and relates to what art theorist Rosalind Krauss has called the 'post-medium condition', an entwined helix of genres and modes of production that holds unending potential for contemporary creativity.

Moving fluidly between the visual/visible, phonetic/sonic and gestural/performative manifestations of language, the participating poets will experiment with multivocality, multilingualism, spoken word, rhythm, time, narrative and noise, ultimately contributing to the potential of the poetic voice to re-enchant the world.

Friday 19 May 8.30pm @ POINT (Str. G-ral Eremia Grigorescu 10 - Bucharest)
Fb event

by mugur grosu,2017

Friday, March 10, 2017

DJ nohow - SLICK

Visual for my friend from UK Piers Posner, aka DJ nohow: spinning the finest eclectic vinyl mix from around the world, he brings 40 years of passion for music on an unbeatable set-up: 2 Technics SL1210s, a pair of Ortofon cartridges, an Allen & Heath mixer and a stack of records, 7”, 10”, 12” singles EPs and LPs. 11th March, La Scena club - Călărașilor no.55, Bucharest (Fb event - here)
by mugur grosu,2017

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Dobrojazz #3

Visuals for International ethno-jazz festival DOBROJAZZ - 3rd edition, 23-26 June 2016 - Tulcea.

Special guests: Emil Bazga Quartet (Ro), Nicolas Simion Quartet (Ro / De), Martin Lubenov’s Jazzta Prasta (Bg), Stephane Tsapis Trio (Fr). Bonus: Dada Jazz – dedicated to the 100th aniversary of Dada art movement. / Fb event

Plus: A special edition in Constanta - Dobrojazz #3 bis - CT, on 26 June 2016 @ Doors Club, with bulgarian trio Martin Lubenov’s Jazzta Prasta / Fb event

by mugur grosu, 2016

* Here are the visuals for the last year edition - Dobrojazz #2 

Friday, April 22, 2016

DADA 100: Sound, Simultaneous, Experimental and Avant-garde Poetry

Poster  for a special Dada event, part of Bucharest International Poetry Festival 2016, 7th edition
Organised by: National Museum of Romanian Literature, Bucharest
Co-organisers: Romanian Cultural Institute, The Central University Library of Bucharest
Supported by: British Council, Italian Cultural Institute, Goethe Institut, Embassy of France in Romania, Institut français in Bucharest

by Grosso Media,2016


A century after the birth of Dada, the Admiral* is still looking for a house to rent. All the styles of the past years came together yesterday and he has found nothing, has found nothing, has found nothing... For one night only, we accommodate him at Exclesior Theatre!

We offer:
☛ Poetry without verses ☛ Verses without words ☛ Peculiar sounds ☛ Phonetic mutations ☛ Rhythm ☛ Improvisation ☛ Experiment ☛ Performance ☛ Corporeality ☛ Vox humana ☛ Glossolalia ☛ Polipoetry ☛ Reverberations ☛ Cutouts ☛ Collages ☛ Noise ☛ Nonsense ☛ DADA

All live, in the extraordinary, simultaneous and spontaneous company of the following poets and artists: Tomomi Adachi (JP, Jaap Blonk (NL), Mugur Grosu (RO), Jöel Hubaut (FR), Claudiu Komartin (RO), Angelika Meyer (DE), Enzo Minarelli (IT), Hannah Silva (GB)

Hosted by: Claudiu Komartin
Curator: Simona Nastac

The entrance is free and we hope you are too! Dress code: no rules, cabaret style, Dada sensible. Join us for a celebration in style! Happy Birthday, Dada!

* The admiral is the main character of the simultaneous poem „L'amiral cherche une maison à louer” (The admiral looks for a house to rent), created and performed by Tristan Tzara, Richard Huelsenbeck and Marcel Janco at Cabaret Voltaire on 31st March 1916. A day after the premiere, Hugo Ball wrote in his diary: “All the styles of the last twenty years came together yesterday. In a typically compressed way, Tzara's poem shows the conflict of the vox humana with a world that threatens, ensnares, and destroys it, a world whose rhythm and noise are ineluctable”.

Fb event

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Mircea Țuglea - Literasure

Book cover design for a new literary criticism volume signed by Mircea Țuglea
by mugur grosu,2016