Thursday, March 13, 2008

Le Printemps des Poètes - Constanta [postcard]

Constanta (the oldest romanian living city) grows on the ruins of Tomis - where the roman poet Ovidius was banished by Augustus emperor because of "a poem and a mistake" [Tristia 2.207].

This year, the theme of the LPdP festival is "Eloge de l'autre" [Eloge of the other].
These days some poets will be envolved in strange "direct marketing" activities spreading samples of their work to acquaint the "consumer" with their "products"... (It might sound cinycal to you but i'm just giggling: in fact, it's about giving some postcards with pics and verses...).
According to this, here is "my poem & my mistake": a postcard with "the O(ther)" and Me - as a roman(ian) poet. Overleaf you'll find a short poem of mine [in romanian] named "My friend I".
I have 10 postcards to give to the first 10 people who ask for!
update: wow, i recieved 24 irresistible requests via e-mail, thank you, thank you, thank you. we have to stop now. the 25th hour is not my cup of tea...
by mugur grosu, 2008


Anonymous said...

parca aia cu mantia si prezervativul era mai tare :-)

Tz-shirt said...

ma crezi ca nu mai am nicio fotografie de-atunci? dar nici macar una!
1. actiunile alea (mantia pe statuie si prezervativele pe telefoanele publice) au fost colective (cu vasilievici si marius parlogea).
2. montajul asta-i legat de-un performance stradal din 2006 care merita urmarit chiar acolo, in strada. pacat ca n-ai fost prezent si atunci.