Friday, March 7, 2008

Oldies but ..coldies

drew for a former campaign of Mare Nostrum - a Non-governmental Ecological Organisation in Constanta / Romania.
Mare Nostrum was formed in summer 1993 as an association of specialists to address the continuous degradation of Black Sea marine and coastal ecosystems and its mission is to promote a transformation from the current unsustainable practices and attitudes towards more sustainable and environmentally conscious methods for the utilization of the Romanian Coastal Zone resource. In order to achieve this mission, Mare Nostrum is focusing on environmental education, public awareness campaigns, coastal survey, and advocacy and lobbying.
If you want to help this organisation (for my romanian fellows: for instance, you may tranfer 2% of your taxes in MN benefit), please contact Tifenn Prades, Project assistant Mare Nostrum, at
by mugur grosu, 1999


Iulian Tănase said...

eu sint fan mugur grosu, sa fie clar!

Tz-shirt said...

nu stiu daca este corect, daca este permis, eu deja fiind fanul tau, adica eu am fost primul: cum ar veni, ai fi fan de fan, ceea ce suna a incest afectiv, daca nu esti vreun fanfan la tulipe, reincarcat, caz in care totul trece-n ograda monarhiei - care nu poate fi ingradita de nimeni :)