Saturday, January 31, 2009

Rembranding Oprescu*

*doctor Sorin Oprescu, general mayor of Bucharest
** the original picture: "The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp", by Rembrandt. The corpse belongs to a guy surnamed Aris the Kid [his real name was Adriaan Adriaanszoon]. He was convicted for armed robbery in the Netherlands, sentenced to death by hanging, then dissected by Amsterdam Guild of Surgeons, lead by doctor Nicolaes Tulp, a dutch surgeon and the City Anatomist. Later, he became ...the Mayor of Amsterdam!
by mugur grosu, 2009


q'ark said...

I didn't know this story. It's really amasing. The picture is funny, but subtle. Like it.

Tz-shirt said...

Now listen something really funny: it was said that doctor Tulup became Mayor because the success of his books. But his most famous work, surnamed The book of Monsters, was written in Latin, to prevent people from treating themselves. So the public couldn’t really read it! :)

just a Nap said...

i wonder if you knew that one character was missing: a person named the Preparator, who did the dissection and all the bloody work instead of the doctor, who was too important for such dirty tasks ;)

Tz-shirt said...

the real guy is always missing :)