Saturday, June 13, 2009

search engine

[as a bonus, listen something really funny: if you type "search engine" in Google, you'll find that Google is not in the pole position in its own race: the first place is reserved for Altavista. By its own standards, Google is surprisingly only the 15th option!]
by mugur grosu, 2009


unii said...

Să-nţeleg că prezervativele-s o chemare pentru a ne băga... una alta?

midget a life said...

it's not about Google, it's about Googling around to catch some attention :)) do you really feel lucky? buy this t-shirt! condoms wouldn't help at this point... wahaha!

bee said...

Giggle! sounds better :))

Tz-shirt said...

@unii: la întrebarea aceasta nu posedăm răspunsuri! :)

@midget: oh Lord won't you buy me a Mercedes Beer..

Custom t-shirts said...

Google will more famous in this way. And i think you are very very lucky and funny too.

Tz-shirt said...

@出張ホスト: sorry, but i dont speak japanese. please translate :)

@custom t-shirt: welcome back! thank you so much, it's nice to hear it from you. glad to see you around!