Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mikołaj Trzaska - War Song

Few days ago i have finished this poster for The Polish Institute in Bucharest. If you're interested in polish jazz you have to be there: on 3rd of september at Green Hours club in Bucharest, or 5th of september at Gong Theatre in Sibiu. For more informations related to this event check the Get your IP blog.
And here is a great performing on Mariacka Street in Gdansk... What a great ending, thanks to the local police! :)
by mugur grosu, 2009


no rest for bunny said...

aux armes!
see you there!!
do widzenia!!!

Anonymous said...

such a great gig!
you were there too?

Tz-shirt said...

ţi-am spus să aibi un ziar în mână, să te recunosc! dar nu Cotidianul, că pe-ăla nu-l remarc din principiu!

Buclucasii said...

schimb de linkuri

Tz-shirt said...

@Buclucasii: buna ziua iti spun si eu. si daca tot ne formalizam in halul asta, sa aruncam si-o privire pe blogul ala:
"Ziua A inceput destul de bine pentru mine m-am trezit de la 6 dimineata sa ma duc la jubul meu dar nu m-am simtit bine asa ca nu m-am mai dus . Am maqi facut schimb de banere pt am mai creste in zelist pe la 2 plec cu fratimiu la meci".

Nope! Not my cup of tea. Not my cup of anything.

Anonymous said...

Hey, something is wrong with your site in Opera, you should check into it.