Monday, February 14, 2011

Visegrad Group / 20 years

I was honoured to create this poster for the 20th aniversary of Visegrad Group - aka V4 - an organisation of four central-european states: The Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland & Slovakia.
Check this out: tuesday, February 15, Hard Rock Cafe Bucharest [32 Kiseleff Avenue] - jazz jam session "Visegrad 4 Romania" - with Milo Suchomel International V4 Quintet:  Milo Suchomel, sax [Slovakia], Winand Gábor, voice [Hungary], Lubos Sramek, piano [Slovakia], Peter Dvorsky, doublebass [Czech Republic], Arek Skolik, drums [Poland], feat. Alex Man, guitar [Romania]. Happy Birthday. Let the music play!

by mugur grosu,2011

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