Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Alliance Against Alcoholism And Drug Addictions


Posters [& T-shirt] for some new friends, ALIAT, a romanian NGO - Alliance Against Alcoholism and Drug Addictions. Yesterday they officially opened a center that will provide free treatment to alcohol and drug addicts.
Besides the fact that I lost some friends who were addicted to drugs, i was surprised to find that my people is one of the heaviest drinkers in Europe, with more than 18,5 liters of alcohol per adult per year, while the E.U. average is near 15 liters. One more thing: Romanians ranks second in terms of binge drinking (Irish are champions; 3rd place is for Germans). Binge drinking is an episodic form of excessive alcohol consumption that poses a risk of suicide and is associated with deterioration of social and family relationships, accidents or law infringement. So... cheers! 1.Take a peek! 2. Other dangers!
by mugur grosu, 2011


BÖZSI said...

the first one is very subtle. it took me some time to catch it: "aha, that one is a bottle. ok. a bottle, a circle..., a key hole, another bottle & circle... wtf? again. a bottle, a circle. wait! first bottle seems to be full and the circle looks ..empty? the bottle + circle makes a keyhole.. bingo, hahaha!" you're evil! congrats

Tz-shirt said...

nah, i'm an angel. with evil eyes, hahaha