Saturday, October 10, 2009

Harry Tavitian & Hans Kumpf - Live at Comburg Abbey

I just finished the design for the newest CD album of Pirate Records - Harry Tavitian & Hans Kumpf - Live at Comburg Abbey, recorded at 3 June 2008 in Germany. Working for Harry is always a privilege & a pleasure for me because he is my mentor, my friend and my Godfather... At the early age of five I started to play piano and to attend a jazz club lead by Tavitian; the armenian born in Romania jazzman is one of the most influent and original contemporary muzicians of my country, wide known for his concerns about cultural bridges and syncretism of the arts, so meeting him was a turning point in my life, and the beginning of a series of biographical accidents too... After some years I was kicked-out from the music school cause I played at exams some variations of Bach in a jazz manner, later I was rejected 3 times from the Fine Arts Academy of Bucharest and so on... But this was the beginning of all the good things in my life. Thank you, Harry!

some other works i did for Harry:


Dancin' 'round the Black Sea


by mugur grosu, 2009


an inmigrante said...

...and thank you, Mugur!

dc said...

Putin offtopic:

batrane, pazea ca am intrat in bransa :P

Nu sunt ca ale tale, da' vin tare din urma. :P

Ce mai zici?

Tz-shirt said...

@sorin: >:D<

@dan c: bun! acum sa te vad cum mai iesi. sau, ca sa pastram offtopicul, pe unde mai scoti camasa :)

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