Thursday, October 15, 2009

soundcheck. from poland

well, yes, I'm addicted to jazz, so i did it again: this poster is for Soundcheck - a polish jazz band lead by Maciej Kocinski, founded in 2002. Polish Institute in Bucharest managed to bring them in Romania for 4 concerts:
-in Bucharest: October 16, at 08:00 PM - Green Hours Club
-in Sibiu: October 17, at 05.00 PM - Gong Theatre, at Jazz & More Festival
-in Cluj-Napoca: October 18 - at. 06.00 PM - Students Cultural House, and at 10.00 PM - Diesel Club, for a jam-session at the Transilvania Jazz Festival
...It could be a must, lol!
by mugur grosu, 2009


no rest for bunny said...

you did the photography too? what happened with the eggs?

Tz-shirt said...

of course.
the eggs were in the middle of a road between Crisan & Caraorman - in Danube Delta. but there's no reason to worry about because it was a dead end: after about 5 kilometers of walking i discovered that the road suddenly sinks in the water and there was no bridge to go to the other shore, so nobody was using the road. except me, hahaha...

mariusaldea said...

Alexandru` said...

So... how was it?

Tz-shirt said...

not exactly a soundcheck, for sure :)